Research Unit

The unit is a result of the fusion of several disciplines, bringing together fundamental and applied ecology, modern epidemiology, social sciences, risk surveillance and analysis, and modelling.

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  • The unit’s scientific project

    Equipe Agirs. © Cirad
    The unit tackles the ecology and epidemiology of animal diseases at different scales by developing its research activities around three main questions. What are the conditions and determinants of pathogen emergence: real emergence, expansion of a pathogen’s geographic area or host spectrum? What are the conditions and determinants of the maintenance of a pathogen and of a disease becoming endemic: persistence in an ecosystem or a commercial sector? What are the conditions and determinants of disease epidemics (spread, epidemic, pandemic)?

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  • Research sites

    Mission & researchs sites.© M. Gély, Cirad
    The unit, which maintains a presence in Montpellier and overseas, primarily Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, intervenes in numerous countries through field missions and projects.

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  • The team

    AGIRs Team location. © Cirad
    The unit is composed of forty scientists, technical staff and doctoral candidates located in Cambodia, Botswana, Laos, Madagascar, Montpellier, Mozambique, Reunion Island, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and Zimbabwe.

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