Teaching and training

AGIRs is directly involved, in both France and overseas, in teaching activities and the supervision of internships. The unit ensures the individual supervision of researchers pursing specific projects (dissertations, continuing professional training ...).

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  • PhD training

    Blood sample on buffalo. © Cirad. Michel de Garine-Wichatitsky
    The unit supervises and co-supervises dissertation work and specific projects of researchers, overseas and in France, where the unit is associated with Integrated Biology, Agronomy, Geoscience, Hydroscience and Environment Systems (SIBAGHE) and Information, Structure, and Systems (I2S) graduate schools.

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  • Continuing professional training

    © Cirad
    The unit is geared to meeting an international demand and offers trainings around the world with a choice of workshops in different research areas.

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  • E-learning

    Ranema flu. © Cirad.
    Over the past few years, CIRAD has worked with several partners to develop computer-based training tools focussed on animal health issues in tropical countries. These tools are available on an e-learning platform.

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  • Advanced education

    Cirad-Kasetsart University Seminar, December 2010 © Cirad
    The unit’s teaching and training activities take several forms: participating in university degree programmes (Master, CES), and hosting students from these programmes during internships (from 3 to 6 months) and doctoral research.

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